It seems that Sesame St is still up on their tech still this season. They took a little time to poke fun at Apple for their “There’s an App for That” campaign as well as the seeming planned obsolescence in rapid hardware upgrades. Just check out the video and enjoy. I certainly did…

Well the hard work on the carbon printing has paid off. A few of my pieces will be on display at the Community Darkroom in the Genesee Center for the Arts at from September 17th till October 31st.

The show title is “Original Stain: New Alternative Imaging”
There will be an opening reception on the 17th, this Friday, from 7pm till – 9pm. Everyone is welcome to come, it is open to the public. In addition to my work there there will be work from several other photographers that work in alternative processes. All quite good at what they do, so well worth attending.

If you can’t make the opening reception the hours at the Community Darkroom are:

Monday: 9 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Tuesday – Thursday: 9 a.m – 6:30 p.m.
Friday: closed
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

So I’ve been back at the carbon printing for about 2 weeks solid now. Some good results, some bad. Mostly lessons learned.

1) dehumidifiers are both my friend and expensive
2) Mini-fridges are great for chemistry and beer
3) try, try again…

I’ll post some images soon. But anyone that is interested in what should shape up to be a great historic process show sould come to the community darkroom on September the 17th, around 7pm.

Should be a ton of fun

So one thing that has been holding back my carbon printing is the need to have a properly warmed re-circulating development bath. That is all about to be solved as I am developing my own circulating induction heater. So check back as I’ll be detailing the building process…

So here I am. Degree in hand (well almost it still hasn’t come in the mail yet) and hoping for work. It will come, but jobs for fine art photographers in academics is a bit like waiting for rain in the desert. It will come but who knows when and if it will be enough. So anyone with job tips let me know ;-)

On a different note, thank you to everyone that has voted on my portfolio at I still need more votes to stay competitive for the “Peoples Choice” award, so please keep voting each day (one vote per person each 24 hours). Who knows, all your hard work voting for me may just get me a show in NYC!

Hi everyone,

So the thesis is done and all defended. A very big thank you to everyone that helped along the way and came to the opening. Everyone made it a smashing success.

So now I need a little more help. I have entered some of my work into a very large competition. This competition would be a huge success for me and go a long way to propel my future. Part of the judging is being done by the public and to that end they have provided me with a web link

At the bottom of the page there is a 5 star rating system that can serve as your vote. You can vote 1-5 stars (um… five is the best by the way) and you can vote once a day. So I would greatly appreciate any votes, they will go a long way to helping me out.

Thanks everyone!

Well tomorrow is the day!

Over a year of research and work is finally culminating in one night of art. So everyone that is interested should come to the Visual Studies Workshop from 6pm-9pm for the opening presentation of my thesis show “Catalogue”

Everyone is welcome, it should prove to be a fun night. Hope to see you there.

Well this is the week.

This Friday the 30th is the opening reception for my show at the Visual Studies Workshop. I’m 60% installed, so far everything works. BTW never, NEVER buy brass wood screws from your local home hardware depot store. I purchased 2″ brass screws to attache the tops of my podiums to the stands and all of them stripped or bent. Support your local hardware store, they probably have better quality stuff.

Any how, it’s all looking good, I hope to see lots of folks there enjoying the art and the free munchies.

Well I can almost smell the opening of my thesis show. I’m hoping that all goes well and perhapse more folks check out my other photography. With a little wishful thinking I’v started to add a section to my portfolio website where I can sell prints. I’m guessing that I’ll still sell more in the galleries but I can hope.

If you ar einterested in a print be sure to keep an eye on my portfolio site

OK folks, I haven’t made one of these posts since the “re-birth” of my blog, but this is a big one.

As you have noticed in my last post, my thesis books are in bound and all. But last night I found an issue, some of the spine reinforcement was not strong enough and it broke. Very sad… So I called Marc my rep at Book1 and told him the bad news. Without any hesitation or second guessing he immediately offered to find a solution and rebind all of the books, and have the job done ASAP.

Some of you may be thinking “Dams Straight! He should” And you are exactly right. But more and more often today businesses are just happy to have you out the door. So because of that mentality shift I feel it’s important to laud the people that do the right thing the first time.

So that in mind, I am labeling Marc at Book1 in rochester as one of the “People that Rock!” And rightfully so Book1 also shares that distinction. Marc at Book1 has certainly won over my businesses for a very very long time, and they should get your business as well. So if you need a book binder check out

Very cool people, top notch product and they do really care that the final product be 100% what it should be.

Besides their whole place smells like new books, how cool is that!

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