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It seems that Sesame St is still up on their tech still this season. They took a little time to poke fun at Apple for their “There’s an App for That” campaign as well as the seeming planned obsolescence in rapid hardware upgrades. Just check out the video and enjoy. I certainly did…

OK folks, I haven’t made one of these posts since the “re-birth” of my blog, but this is a big one.

As you have noticed in my last post, my thesis books are in bound and all. But last night I found an issue, some of the spine reinforcement was not strong enough and it broke. Very sad… So I called Marc my rep at Book1 and told him the bad news. Without any hesitation or second guessing he immediately offered to find a solution and rebind all of the books, and have the job done ASAP.

Some of you may be thinking “Dams Straight! He should” And you are exactly right. But more and more often today businesses are just happy to have you out the door. So because of that mentality shift I feel it’s important to laud the people that do the right thing the first time.

So that in mind, I am labeling Marc at Book1 in rochester as one of the “People that Rock!” And rightfully so Book1 also shares that distinction. Marc at Book1 has certainly won over my businesses for a very very long time, and they should get your business as well. So if you need a book binder check out

Very cool people, top notch product and they do really care that the final product be 100% what it should be.

Besides their whole place smells like new books, how cool is that!

Well one more mile stone was passed yesterday.  With the help of my friends Dave and Rona we erected a wall section that I need for my thesis presentation.  Not the hardest work in the world but it would have been a lot harder had they not been there.  So in the unfortunate vernacular of my generation, “Mad props to my peeps!”