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Well things have a way of wrapping them selves up.

About two years ago I posted a question of “What if?” regarding my idea of making invisible photography.  An odd idea to say the least, but it has come to fruition.

Without giving away too much about the work here are a couple of pictures to show how it has developed.

Blind Presentation

The idea here is that the imagery is of something that we are or have become disconnected from.  The camera on the pedestal is the tool that allows us to reconnect.

If you happen to be in the Rochester area on Friday October the 4th from 6-9p you should come by the Visual Studies Workshop Bookstore Gallery where these three pieces will be on display with work from several other artists.

The show is “I Do?!” sponsored by ImageArt

Check out this website for the most simple and straightforward explanation of Net Neutrality. Then Tweet it or post it to your Facebook account so more people can learn about it too.

So one thing that has been holding back my carbon printing is the need to have a properly warmed re-circulating development bath. That is all about to be solved as I am developing my own circulating induction heater. So check back as I’ll be detailing the building process…

So here I am. Degree in hand (well almost it still hasn’t come in the mail yet) and hoping for work. It will come, but jobs for fine art photographers in academics is a bit like waiting for rain in the desert. It will come but who knows when and if it will be enough. So anyone with job tips let me know ;-)

On a different note, thank you to everyone that has voted on my portfolio at I still need more votes to stay competitive for the “Peoples Choice” award, so please keep voting each day (one vote per person each 24 hours). Who knows, all your hard work voting for me may just get me a show in NYC!

A friend just posted this to her Facebook account and I got a good laugh.  Even thought the point of view is highly debatable I think that most fun will enjoy it.

Ater my thesis and defense I will be starting a new project.  Simply put it is a blog that will become a collection of photographic tutorials.  My hope is that this project will cover all reaches of photography from the oldest processes still practiced by only a few to the most recent cutting edge digital work.

So if there is anyone that is interested in being a contributor to this future process add a comment below.  I’ll get in touch in short order and fill you in on the details.  In your post please list any specific areas that you can write about.

This is just a fact little post. On a regular basis folks ask me about hosting.

Who I use, what they really need, things like that. Here’s the basics, buy only what you think you need, but make certain that your provider makes it easy to upgrade as you go. I personally use OneandOne.

For me it’s simple, they are very reliable, affordable and its super easy to add features to my account.  I started with one personal domain, now I have several for personal use and quite a few commercial urls I host for myself and others.  If you have more question post them below and I’ll get back to you on a case by case basis.

Well OK so it’s not a hole in the roof, but it will be a hole in the wall…

A little preview of some thesis materials.  Enjoy!

open source video, video platform, open source video editor

Hi everyone.  Well things are looking a bit spartan right now and I thought I should post an explanation.   Some less than human individual hacked my copy of WordPress and managed to redirect all of my traffic to a whole host of malicious websites.

So… If you were one of the unfortunate that were redirected to a nasty little site due to this hacker I offer my apologies.  I hope that you will continue to visit the site.

In the next few days I’ll be getting things back to normal, lots of posts will start to pop up and I’ll be announcing a new project that  I hope lots of folks will enjoy.