I’m working on a new piece to discuss privacy rights in our overtly surveilled society.  To this end I’m starting to work with UAV’s.  Interesting little buggers. For about $1k you can easily get a UAV that will allow you to take video and still images of remarkable quality.  Interesting bit is that the FAA doesn’t quite know what to do with UAV pilots.  There is no official elevation restriction unless you are within 3 miles of an airport, and the restrictions on anyone that might have a professional bend to what they are doing is under hot debate.

Here are some interesting links on the subject:


From the FAA:

Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


From the media:

So you want to fly drones? Here’s what the law says



Fined Drone Pilot Tests U.S. Industry Seen Reaching $89 Billion


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I just found out that the Susan B. Anthony Institute posted a review of my current installation of “Blind” on their blog. Click forward to see what they thought…

Michael Leonard’s “Blind” Calls For Action

Well things have a way of wrapping them selves up.

About two years ago I posted a question of “What if?” regarding my idea of making invisible photography.  An odd idea to say the least, but it has come to fruition.

Without giving away too much about the work here are a couple of pictures to show how it has developed.

Blind Presentation

The idea here is that the imagery is of something that we are or have become disconnected from.  The camera on the pedestal is the tool that allows us to reconnect.

If you happen to be in the Rochester area on Friday October the 4th from 6-9p you should come by the Visual Studies Workshop Bookstore Gallery where these three pieces will be on display with work from several other artists.

The show is “I Do?!” sponsored by ImageArt

The City is Asleep and Dreaming
Investigations of public space by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge and Jason Bernagozzi

Exhibition Date: Friday, October 5th 7-10pm
Beginning Location: Rochester Contemporary Art Center at 137 East Ave., Rochester, NY.

The City is Asleep and Dreaming is a series of site-specific print and electronic media installations designed to help develop a public dialogue about the transitioning identity of the city of Rochester and provoke a re-imagination of what public space is and what it could be. The artworks for the October event are installed for one night only at diverse locations downtown. The location of each work will be revealed through a series of clues that will lead the viewer through a dérive that links each of the works. The first clue will be located at the entrance of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center at 137 East Ave., Rochester, NY.

Artists/instigators: Jason Bernagozzi & Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge
Guest artists: Debora Bernagozzi and Alysia Kaplan
Featuring the work of Visual Studies Workshop MFA candidates:
Megan Charland, Amanda Chestnut, Robert Hoffman, John Lake and Mike McKay.

Derive in Rochester Website

This project is made possible through the support of Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Visual Studies Workshop, University of Rochester and Alfred State College.







Igal Nassima is presenting a workshop at the University of Rochester Sage art canter today and Saturday on physical computing.

OK, thinking caps on.

What would you think of a piece of artwork that literally was invisible until you made an active choice to interact with it. I’m not talking about the lights are off so you can’t see it, I’m saying that you could locate the piece on the wall, but nothing could be defined about it.

I’ve been working on this idea for a little over a year and a half now, so I’ll be able to post some finished images soon. Just post any ideas that you may have on the subject…







Check out this website http://www.theopeninter.net/ for the most simple and straightforward explanation of Net Neutrality. Then Tweet it or post it to your Facebook account so more people can learn about it too.


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